Book of Product

I wrote a little book!

Over ten years ago I started my technology career, working with friends and classmates on random startup ideas. I spent my spare time learning to understand what customers want, what makes products great, and how to collaborate with other disciplines to bring something to life. I got to build products and experiences for companies like Clorox, the United Nations, and American Express.

Since then, I’ve spent several years working with founders, executives, and product teams at organizations of all sizes. I worked closely with teams of designers, engineers, and product managers to shape products their customers love. Throughout these engagements I‘ve noticed patterns of building successful products, and where teams falter.

This is the book I wish I had when I started. A lot of material covers “how to work” and less about “how to think about products”. As many will state, building products is a combination of art and science. Art requires vision, taste, and conviction. These things are hard to learn from a book. It took me years of hands-on experience to learn how to think more strongly about products, forming a point of view to help rally a team. I read dozens of books about design, product management, and startups. Most of this thinking is the result of years of influence and learning from those who came before me.

In the book you’ll not only find ideas about building products, but recommended reading and thought starters to really help kickstart your learning and get you unstuck in your journey.

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