I’ll keep this page up to date with my race history and best times. This page is inspired by Brad Feld’s Running page.

Date of RaceRace NameDistanceTime
2022/10/9๐Ÿ…Royal Victoria MarathonMarathon3:56:01
2022/5/29Calgary Marathon – 10K10K47:43
2017/11/18Sight Night5K26:22
2017/10/14MEC Race 75K23:15
2017/07/22MEC Race 55K22:41
2017/07/01Park Run5K23:50
2017/05/06๐Ÿ…MEC Race 35K22:11
2017/01/21MEC Race 15K22:42
2016/09/24MEC Race 615K1:15:25
2016/07/16๐Ÿ…MEC Race 510K47:03
2016/06/23๐Ÿ…Reykjavik Midnight Sun RunHalf1:44:00
2016/06/11๐Ÿ…MEC Race 415K1:14:33
2016/04/09MEC Race 210K52:21
2016/01/16MEC Race 15K22:28
2015/09/26MEC Race 615K1:21:32
2015/07/25MEC Race 510K53:33
2015/04/11MEC Race 15K27:13
2013/06/09Lake Placid MarathonMarathon4:36:16