I am a Product Strategist in Calgary, Alberta 🇨🇦.

My name is Steven Ritchie.

I’m a runner, swimmer, reader, game designer, product strategist, student, and amateur app developer. I have recently taken up writing as a way to improve my thinking process and clarify my own perspectives on a variety of topics. Additionally, I started playing piano this year as a challenge to myself to learn something completely new.

I work at Versett, helping clients position and build better products. I also build simple apps with my friend Dylan such as Track, an app for runners to keep track of their best races. Outside of that, I try to read a book a week and aim to track them here.

iOS Games I’ve Built

  • Destructomath: match-3 meets math meets wordsearch, my first game.
  • Lonely Sun: guide a rock through treacherous landscape, helping it grow into a planet.
  • Hyper Beam: survive in space with nothing but a beam between your two thumbs.

iOS Apps I’ve Built

  • Noisie: relax with the sounds of nature, a dead-simple ambient noise box, my first app.
  • Track: track your best running times and countdown to upcoming races.
  • Snapshot: a simple photo app to keep track of everyday life.