I’ve worked on a variety of projects over the years. This list is only my personal projects, not those related to client work.

Product Matters
Newsletter (2020 – Ongoing)

I write a weekly newsletter loosely about being a product person. I share what I’m learning about, mistakes I’ve made, and interesting ideas. I don’t have a logo so I’m using an old pixel art selfie.

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Little Book of Product
eBook (2021)

I wrote a short book about building products based on a Twitter thread I wrote in 2019.

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iOS (2021) – Active

A personal iOS app that I built to reintroduce some serendipity into my life. It randomly stumbles through your Photo Roll and surfaces old memories. I did both the design and development.

I wrote a short blog post about it and a Twitter thread.

Download the app here

iOS (2019) – Active

An iOS app for people who like to email themselves. Dead simple and super fast – just open the app and start typing. Built with my friend Dylan on design and myself on development using Amazon’s SES.

Download the app here

iOS (2016) – Active

An iOS app for tracking your race times. We built this to keep track of upcoming races (countdown), race results, and our best times. Created with my friend Dylan on design and myself on development.

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Newsletter (2020)

Over the summer of 2020 I wrote about some less-obvious perspectives on personal finance.

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Hyper Beam
iOS (2017)

I collaborated with Nik again on a survival action game. This one was a lot of fun to build and we spent a lot of time on the game design, despite its simplicity. I did the development and worked together with Nik on the game design. Nik led all art-related activities and created the amazing trailer and promo materials for the game too.

Watch the trailer

Lonely Sun
iOS (2016)

I collaborated with my friend Nik to build this platformer-esque iOS game. It was my first time working in Unity. I did most of the development and very little game design. Nik led all art-related activities and created the amazing trailer and promo materials.

Watch the trailer

iOS (2014)

Destructomath was my first game and a blast to work on. I collaborated with Dylan again. It was a math-based puzzler (a bit nerdy) that was based on Mad Minute exercises I used to do in grade school. We got featured by Apple in over 100 countries and got over 100,000 downloads. Our biggest success!

iOS (2013)

Noisie was my first ever completed programming project. It was the start of my creative partnership with Dylan Mason who has been the designer on almost every app project I’ve worked on since. Noisie is a dead simple white noise app. It was released around the launch of iOS 7 so we got to explore the flat design aesthetic.

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