Writing More

I have long had to goal to write more. Clearly I haven’t really followed through. I hope to mentally lower the quality bar to force quantity. If I get more comfortable posting incomplete thoughts, using this space as a way to think, I may be able to write more.

I had to ask myself why I even want to write more, there is clearly a reason I haven’t thus far. In my defence, I do write quite a bit for work as a way to articulate thinking, but less in the way of writing thought out pieces or essays down a singular track.

If I think about what I want to master, thinking is on the top of that list. It’s such an abstract topic so I don’t really know what that means. Thinking, communicating, strategizing all start to intertwine when I attempt to pull them apart. Writing helps me think. Writing also allows me to generate some sort of output that makes me feel a bit better about the thinking I do, moving it one step further from navel-gazing into something potentially useful.

Reading over this post, it sucks. But, I need to post it in the spirit of what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m a strong believer that quantity is one way to achieve quality. Let’s hope it works for me.

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